Wednesday, March 28, 2007

once upon a time...

the tale of the whirlwind princess begins. It starts in a far off land where days are spent hoping that a one true princess of the whirlwind will be born. And what you may ask is a princess of the whirlwind? It is the little lass born to a crazy world all fuzzy and chaotic, but still charmed to sway gracefully in the midst of the chilly airs of the jungle. In the real world, I was born to proud parents who were expecting to have a baby boy but failed to have their wish yet again. So there I was, the fourth in a brood of five girls. Mine is a story of romance, melodrama, and a whole lot of blooper humors. yep, i am a child of many funny stories about how I grew up, memories of stupid mistakes and startling mishaps and (even shameful occurences) that I would not rather talk about after it has occured. But then again, my sister says all my anecdotes are definitely one for the books. and so i call this blog tales of the whirlwind princess as a continuing journal of my journey in the hilong-talilong mode, thus a whirlwind pace.

Monday, March 26, 2007

i am the whirlwind princess, hear me blog

here is a blog that will spin a tale of my charmed life as a writer, a wifey and a mom-to-be...more posts and you'll know more about me.


i've been contemplating for the longest time now for a long-time-asked question bugging inside my head... to blog, or not to blog...certainly my life is a story waiting to be told, but will anybody care to listen?