Thursday, July 26, 2007

a pregnant pause

i haven't been bloggin for a long while now, i wonder why, hmmm.. yes, it's a pregnant pause, it's that silence that shrouds you when you've got so much more to say, so much more to express, not only in words but in a twistt and tumble of emotions. but that title does have some pun intended, because hey, i AM pregnant... and the pause, yes it is but with a purpose... a time for me to inhale deep and then for a brief second or two, exhale dramatically, like heaving a sigh.

my first few months of pregnancy has not been exactly a breeze, it was a whole lot of moodswings, coupled with cravings of nothing and everything and a tight bundle of nerves and whatnots that i myself even could not begin to understand, it didnt help that at that same time i was wanting so much to do something but try hard as best that i could, it wouldnt push through even with the best of my efforts... whoa, that's a whole lot of things packed up for a first trimester rollercoaster, but i guess, thank god, i survived it. second trimy has been a bit better than the first, and am still trying to finish it up right now. Hopefully all goes well... There you go, a glimpse of the exhale that the pregnant pause mustered to air out. Till the next whirlwind.