Monday, March 26, 2007


i've been contemplating for the longest time now for a long-time-asked question bugging inside my head... to blog, or not to blog...certainly my life is a story waiting to be told, but will anybody care to listen?


X1185 said...

Blog thou should, princess
Be cowed not by thy indecisiveness
As strong hurricanes and "whirlwhinds",
Paint thou world's strengths and weaknesses
So thy blogging be
Paint thy life's beauty and ugliness
Spinning the world is, dear princess

beng said...

thank you for thy kind words, and who may i ask is this poet who lurks in my kingdom?

x1185 said...

Neither a poet nor a blogger, dear
Thy princessdom's trespasser
Is no more than an admirer
Of the dear princess'
Lovely painted words

Perused I had
Thy majesty's latest piece
And say I must
The wait was naught
And does not come close
To any other beauty
Thy intruders' eye
Has ever passed by

Tire not in thy spinning wheel
Tire not...